LiveDiverse Seminar in Vietnam

    9 September 2010. The National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection hosted a seminar in the framework of LiveDiverse Project. Discussions were driven into issues related to biodiversity, livelihood, gender and development, natural hazards, environmental vulnerability assessment...

    Participated to the seminar are scientists and researchers from different organizations, including representatives from Ba Be National Park and Na Hang Nature Reserve.

    Compilation of seminar's reports and papers will be published to LiveDiverse website.

    Welcome Notes

    Welcome to LiveDiverse Vietnam, a part of the ecological collaborative research between National Institute of Agriculture Planning and Projection (NIAPP) with other partners, including: Linköpings University, Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Escuela de Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad Nacional, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), IHP-HELP Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science (UNESCO), Institute for Environment and Sustainability, EC Joint Research Centre.

    The overall LiveDiverse Project is coordinated by Professor Geoffrey D. Gooch, Linköpings University. Please visit to find out more about overall LiveDiverse project.

    Why LiveDiverse Vietnam?

    In order to promote LiveDiverse in Vietnam as well as to customize information for large scales and various GIS data levels, LiveDiverse Vietnam website has been officially introduced with the internet link

    LiveDiverse Vietnam study area covers Ba Be - Na Hang Conservation Complex in the Northern part of Vietnam.

    LiveDiverse Vietnam study area (Babe - Nahang Conservation Complex)

    Coordinating board

    LiveDiverse Vietnam is under Work Package 5 (WP-5) in the frame work of LiveDiverse. The management board includes:
    • Dr. Nguyen Van Toan: LD Vietnam's Manager.
    • Mr. Vu Cong Lan: Project coordinator.
    Socio-economic and technical staff
    • Dr. Nguyen Thanh Xuan: GIS & RS consultant.
    • Dr. Hoang Xuan Phuong: Socio-economic consultant.
    • Mr. Do Minh Phuong: GIS & RS consultant, project's PR manager.
    • Mrs. Vuong Thuc Tran: Project's assistant.
    • Ms. Nguyen Bao Cham: Socio-economic consultant.
    LiveDiverse Vietnam is based at the National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection, 61 Hang Chuoi street, Hanoi, Vietnam.